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By | August 21, 2018

NetEase is one of the game companies from China which has recently been heavily releasing battle royale games. No half-hearted, there are Rules Survival, Knives out, and Survivor Royale. Not enough to get there, NetEase also prepared a new battle-royale game, FortCraft Apk.

FortCraft will take on three elements of the game that you might be familiar with, namely PUBG, Fortnite, and also Minecraft. Players will be given the freedom to build a fortress in a 4×4 km folder and explore the various materials available to be the last to survive.FortCraft Apk

So if you are interested in this game, please follow our guide to download the game ForCraft Apk below, before that we see first of all its features. Also you can download FortCraft for PC.

FortCraft Apk Feature

  1. The map during this game measure sixteen million m2 is totally out there once launched with thirteen recent environments anticipating your someone to be found.
  2. The environment is completely destroyed. Take your trusted hammer and destroy your way through vehicles, trees, buildings, and anything else you want to collect material.
  3. Build the on-the-fly structure in the form or way you want. River in your path? Don’t Worry, build a bridge when you cross. High mountain blocking the road? Wake up the stairs and keep moving. Or building a tower to reach new heights, you might find a surprise or two. And of course, when facing a crisis, a strong fortress will help you get that last victory.
  4. Arm yourself into the teeth with 12 unique weapons from 5 classes (pistols, rifles, submachine guns, rifles and sniper rifles). You may also be very happy to destroy your enemy with special weapons such as bazookas, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.
  5. Play your way! There are currently 3 different modes available. Each supports your own customizable interface. Change UI’s size, position and transparency to create your most comfortable and effective control. That said, default settings are also a good choice.
  6. Season, Friends, Streams, Looks, Store, Gallery, and chat features are all available when launched later. There are also some fun secret places waiting for you to find them.

How To Download FortCraft Apk on Android

  1. First, Download FortCraft Apk.      FortCraft Apk   FortCraft Data
  2. Install Apk on your Android.
  3. Copy folder to Android obb.
  4. FortCraft is ready to Play.

That was an explanation of how to download the FortCraft Apk game on Android. If you experience problems or difficulties installing it please contact us through the comment column. Don’t forget to share this game with your friends or on your social media. Thank you for visiting our website.

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